Friday, May 7, 2010

Album A Day

Album-a-Day is a Crap Art project. That means that it's a set of constraints (the rules below) which are meant to help you be creative. There are no special requirements to participate, and no expectations of quality. Embarking on the Album-a-Day project is a significant commitment of time, but I've found that it's pretty fun and rewarding!

To create an Album-a-Day, you record a piece of music following these rules:

  1. It must be written, performed, recorded, post-produced, etc. all in one contiguous 24-hour period (preferably with no sleep break in there).
  2. It must be at least 20 minutes or 30 songs. (many short songs tend to work better than long songs which drag on forever, trust me.)
  3. Your band may have multiple participants, but they should not work on different songs simultaneously. (So just one song being worked on at a time.)
  4. No ideas from before the chosen day! This means covers or reinterpretations are not allowed.
  5. No out-takes! If you start a song, finish it and put it on the album.

Well i kinda failed at the "Album A Day" project because i had to break for a lunch with my dad (which i enjoyed) and now i have a splitting headache so i'm calling it quits. I made 5 songs, total of 9 Mins, well short of the proposed 20 mins. Either way here is the playlist:

Album A Day 5-7-2010 by MEFX1

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